VoIP frustrations

Things have been busy at work and at home the past two weeks, so I haven't had as much time to play around with Asterisk as I'd like.

Last Friday the power was out for almost an hour in the afternoon. I hadn't gotten around to configuring Asterisk so that everything would come up OK on boot.

Tonight when I wanted to write my first AGI scripts for my BroadVoice phone number, I ran into a bit of a brick wall.

I can call 317-0261 and my AGI script would answer. But I'd only hear dead air. After fidling around a bit I decided to backtrack and make sure that calls could still ring through to my xten-lite softphone.

Guess what? The softphone would ring, but when I'd answer the call I'd only hear dead air again. Whenever I'd hang up either phone, though, the other would instantly realize that call had been disconnected.

I suspect something is amiss with NAT, but so far I feel like I'm going in circles. Though on a positive note, I've had a crash refresher course in firewall logging.

—Michael A. Cleverly


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