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Continuing my foray into the world of Asterisk and VoIP, I signed up with BroadVoice.com tonight.

They have a great BYOD plan (bring your own device) for as low as $5.95 a month (the plan I opted for). They provide instructions for a variety of devices, including Asterisk!

The BOYD-Lite plan I chose is lite in that I only get 100 minutes of outbound calls. But that's not a big deal considering I'm more interested in receiving calls—I need a sandbox I can use to practice programming telephony applications, etc.

Speaking of practicing, here are a couple of practical "hello world" type applications that I plan on creating first:

  1. Dial a 5-digit zipcode and get the weather and 7-day forecast
  2. Dial a 10-digit ISBN number and get the current prices at various online bookstores (especially useful if you're shopping at Deseret Book and have a cell phone with you)
  3. Driving instructions (from the address of one phone number to another)

If the title of this post didn't give it away, the phone number for these forthcoming applications is going to be (801) 317-0261. Anyone have any other interesting applications? If so, leave a comment...

—Michael A. Cleverly


Matt: [ mail | www | link ]

I really like the look up a book, I often wished I had that. How about a bar code at any store?

Another cool app: plug in a license plate and tell if its been stolen. Maybe I'm just sensative to that.

Mon, 24 Oct 2005, 13:47

efa: [ mail | www | link ]


Tue, 08 Jun 2021, 21:47

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