Secrets of Success, Happiness, and Failure

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Yesterday Alexander's delivered the thirty-five copies of "Secrets of Success, Happiness, and Failure: Wisdom Through the Ages" that Lin had published with them.

Overall the book looks very nice. I am sure Lin's father, who spent so much time working on the manuscript back-in-the-day working on an original 128K Macintosh will be quite happily surprised come Christmas morning.

Naturally when I thumb through the book little annoying details jump out at me. By and large I doubt that all but the most discerning reader would notice most of them. If we'd had more time I like to think I'd have caught and cleaned up most of them. If we were professionally publishing this book we'd undoubtedly have printed proofs and then proof-read them before printing the finished product.

This time rather than fight with configuring LaTeX to use fonts (as I did in August while preparing the most recent printing of Mormon's Book) I decided to abandon cross-platform typesetting and use the Macintosh-specific XeTeX engine to render the LaTeX+Memoir markup. This made it easy to typeset the poetry in Poetica and the quotes in Bembo.

—Michael A. Cleverly


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