A half dozen works in progress

First up: Brian Griffin showed off a Finite State Machine viewer converted from C++ to half the number of lines of IncrTcl. Performance only begins to be an issue when you near 10,000 nodes (but graph is generally unreadable at such scales anyway).

Second: Steve Landers showed off the latest new features in Critcl 2. critcl::preload—removes the need to link statically against dependent libs (not always available on small devices, i.e., cell phones like the Nokia 770). Supports Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Now supports Mac OS X Universal Builds (x86+powerpc).

Third: Ron Fox demonstrated more experimental physics widgets.

Fourth: Sean Woods demoed his work on 3d Matrix transformations.

Fifth: Donal Fellows gave a live demo of using the Tip #257 oo work he's done. (Hard to follow from the back due to the size of the font being projected.) One or two syntactic things to clean up before calling for a vote on the tip.

Sixth: Steve Redler pushes the boundaries of custom Tile theming. (Look for it on the wiki soon?)

—Michael A. Cleverly

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