Taking a ride on the VME bus

The second talk Thursday morning was by Ron Fox about a small extension that allows experimental physicists (who aren't professional programmers) to control their experiments.

VME bus (VersaModule Eurocard)

Went through a series of slides explaining how the VME-BUS works (arbitration and read cycle).

Bus used in three systems at NSCL:

The extension is targeted primarily for the experiment control systems.

Extension provides not much:

package require vme
vme create name -device amod base nbytes
name set {l|w|b} offset value
name get {l|w|b} offset
vme delete name
vme list

All ~500 lines of C++. Various pure Tcl packages built on top.

Showed GUIs that were developed using the package that control experiments.

—Michael A. Cleverly

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