A twinkie? What's that?

Hostess Twinkies

Today being Valentines Day, I stopped by the store on my way home to buy Shauna a card and a small gift. Back when we were dating by mail many years ago (more than one decade, but less than two when I was working at First Interstate Bank in Las Vegas) I once sent Shauna a card that said:

You are the twinkie in my brown bag lunch of life

She thought that was a very sweet thing for me to have said. So from time to time I'll buy her a twinkie as a reminder that she still is the twinkie in my brown bag lunch of life. (Tonight I bought a twinkie and a card! And even asked for a paper bag at checkout instead of a plastic one. I'm such a romantic...)

So this evening as we were getting read to have dinner Meghan and Caleb saw that I'd given her something and they asked "what did Dad get you?" "A card and a box of twinkies—you can have one after dinner." "A twinkie? What's that? What's a twinkie?"

I guess Hostess would probably be very disappointed with our parenting skills. Me, I'll just attribute our children's ignorance to a profound lack of TV watching.

—Michael A. Cleverly


  1. Matt wrote (at Sun, 19 Feb 2006, 10:33):
I thought this was a great example, so I blogged it at my blog

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