Who is Matthew Christensen?

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Perusing the primary election results (at KSL.com) for Davis County, I noticed that in Daggett County, with 100% of the votes in, candidate Matthew Christensen received only one vote in a four-way race.

<rant>(I can't link—effectively—to the states website because their use of iframes and xml results in a non-RESTful way means I can't link directly to the Daggett County results.)</rant>

How sad. I hope he isn't married. Otherwise even his own wife must have voted for Rena, Jill or Jessica instead!

Might he be (distantly) related to my wife's family? Apparently in Daggett County candidates don't need to have websites (nor does the County appear to have a website with election information), so I haven't been able to find out any more information about him. I imagine everyone in the county knows everyone else so websites aren't needed...

—Michael A. Cleverly

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