LaTeX fonts revisited

Since I last fought with LaTeX fonts I've upgraded from a PowerBook to a MacBook Pro. I've been favoring XeTeX lately because of its superior font handling, but it still can't do the kind of character protrusion that the microtype package with pdfLaTeX can.

Following the steps I went through in August of 2005 I tried to recreate the font metrics I needed to use Adobe Minion Pro with pdfLaTeX. I found that with TeX Live 2007 I needed to additionally add a line to the updmap.cfg file:


After adding the map entry I ran the updmap command and then pdfLaTeX was able to see and properly make use of my installed Minion Pro fonts.

— Michael A. Cleverly

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Double em-dash in TeX

Jane Austen uses double em-dashes at times. The naive approach I tried in TeX at first— consisting of two consecutive em-dashes—leaves a small but visible amount of whitespace.

A bit of Googling turned up a 1994 comp.text.tex post from Donald Arseneau (who, in addition to being a TeX-nician is also a Tcl'er!) that gave a satisfactory solution:


— Michael A. Cleverly

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Happy Intercalation Day 2008

Happy Intercalation Day (and happy birthday to my friend rbm!).

I'm taking PTO today to observe leap-day as a private holiday.

After a week of 103-105 degree fevers and a terrible hacking cough for another week I'm finally starting to feel back to my regular self again.

— Michael A. Cleverly

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