Walking the Salt Lake Marathon's 5K

`Spiderman' preparing to run the 5K

Meghan (age 10) and I walked the Salt Lake City Marathon's 5K this morning. We finished in fifty minutes, crossing the finish line holding hands. Our average pace (per mile) was sixteen minutes and some odd seconds. Meghan came in 38th in her age group. I came in 108th in mine. There were several kids age four to six who finished faster than we did. But they probably ran rather than walked. At least I hope so!

We got up way too early, took a shuttle a lot sooner than we needed to, and stood around in the cold waiting for the sun to rise and the "race" to start. But at least this gave us the opportunity to see "Spiderman" warming up. (Mary gave her camera to Meghan and told her to go ask Spiderman for his photo. He was gracious enough to pose for her.)

I learned a few things:

  1. I don't wear my tennis shoes often enough (I got a blister).
  2. To be a true runner you need an iPod (I do not own an iPod and thus do not even have the potential—presently—of becoming a true runner).
  3. Perhaps I was adopted—or Anna was?—because unlike her there is no Kenyan within me (I was not at all inspired to ever want to run a marathon.)
  4. The 25-mile bike race looks like it would be fun. (The wheel was such a great invention for moving people and things over long distances.)

As for Spiderman, he ran (or swung from webs?) the course in twenty-seven and a half minutes. His name wasn't really Peter Parker (it's Eric) and he's from Midvale, Utah. :-) Meghan's Uncle Robert beat this super hero by several minutes.

— Michael A. Cleverly

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Tcl marketing idea: s/interpreter/interceptor/g ?

This week I attended training in California on how to setup and maintain Cisco's new Application Control Engine load balancing produt.

Like many other Cisco products, the ACE allows you to script its configuration on the fly by writing custom probes in Tcl. The instructor's overview slide touted the ACE as having a "TCL 8.44 Interceptor" built-in.

Clearly what it really has is a Tcl 8.4 interpeter built in, but a "TCL Interceptor" (whatever that would be otherwise) sure sounds cool! Next time one of the perennial Tcl Dying/Marketing threads comes up on comp.lang.tcl I'm going to suggest this as an example of snazzy branding.

— Michael A. Cleverly

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Phone aversions explained

In "Voice communication is too low bandwidth for me" Dossy expounds on why some people (myself included) prefer text to voice. An absolute must read.

— Michael A. Cleverly

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