"I'm thankful for the wheel..."

Today is Thanksgiving, and I'm thankful for the wheel—that's what I said at dinner as we were all taking turns saying something we were thankful for. I have a hard time imagining a world without the wheel. I suppose we'd all be carrying things on our backs?

Why was I even thinking about something so basic as "the wheel" today? Well, after several years of letting my personal website languish, I've decided to spruce things up. Rather than use some existing blogging software, I've had fun the past few days writing my own personal blogging software (reinventing the wheel!) in Tcl.

I've taken the writings from the soapbox section of my old website, and added them as historical blog postings, since, if they were written now, that's the format they'd be published in.

Happy Thanksgiving!

— Michael A. Cleverly

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